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Probiotics can help with constipation and diarrhea, and if you are taking antibiotics, a probiotic supplement is essential to restore your gut microbiome. Probiotics also help enhance the gut lining and play a role in strengthening the immune system by increasing healthy microorganisms needed by your digestive system. They help prevent harmful bacteria from proliferating and support the growth of a diverse and healthy gut microbiome which plays a pivotal role in a healthy body.
CFUs means 'colony forming units' - each CFU represents a live bacteria capable of multiplying and forming a colony. NutriRise's probiotic supplement offers 40 billion CFUs per serving or 20 billion CFUs per capsule.
NutriRise's probiotic capsules use a patented MAKTREK Bi-Pass Technology. It consists of a natural marine polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed (Marine Polysaccharide Complex on the label). This ingredient creates a protective shield around the probiotic capsule, preventing it from dissolving in the stomach and protecting it from stomach acid. Once the capsule passes through the stomach, the coating allows the capsule to dissolve, releasing all of the supportive, beneficial bacteria right into the intestines, where they have the most significant impact on your health.
Prebiotics are substances that feed the good bacteria in your gut, fueling their growth. They are specialized fibers that act as food for good bacteria. Although your body cannot break down the fibers, the bacteria in your gut can. This process also helps your body absorb more nutrients from your food. On the other hand, probiotics are live beneficial bacteria strains that can grow in your gut to form a healthy microbiota. Both are important for gut health.
A gut microbiota imbalance can affect your health in many ways, including altered blood sugar levels or lipids, frequent infections, constipation, bloating, sugar cravings, allergies, leaky gut, Irritable bowel syndrome, and fatigue. Our capsules are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration, allowing for ease of use, and making them travel-friendly.
Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the most popular and widely used probiotic strains, and for good reason! This incredible strain of bacteria is well researched and proven effective against traveler’s diarrhea and gastrointestinal infections in adults. Lactobacillus is also proven to boost the immune system. One particular study even went as far as to say that it can help decrease symptoms of respiratory infections when taken twice a day. In clinical trials, Lactobacillus acidophilus supplementation in children dramatically reduced school absences. A healthy gut is essential for overall well-being and resistance to illness.
Bifidobacterium lactis is the most documented probiotic strain, appearing in over 300 scientific publications. This particular strain is very tolerant to acid and bile, improving its potency and absorption availability. Clinical research trials show that Bifidobacterium. lactis improves bowel function and offers protective benefits against diarrhea, especially caused by antibiotic treatment. This strain is also supportive of the immune system. It is shown in research studies to improve the body’s resistance to many common respiratory infections and reduce the severity and length of illness.
Lactobacillus Plantarum, a probiotic strain commonly found in kimchi, and other fermented food, provide antibacterial properties by creating hydrogen peroxide and bile salts. It has a high heat resistance and creates an inhospitable environment for pathogens. L. Plantarum is shown to be effective against candida, making this strain a good choice for anyone suffering from frequent yeast infections.
Lactobacillus paracasei supports the overall improvement of gut health and digestive function. This strain helps increase the number of other bacteria strains in the gut, including Bifidobacteria and other forms of Lactobacilli, also included in our probiotics supplement! L. paracasei also helps to strengthen the intestinal barrier. When the gut lining is weak, harmful bacteria and food antigens can pass through, creating inflammation and disease. This probiotic strain helps strengthen the barrier and also helps increase your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and increase energy levels. By sealing the intestinal lining and absorbing more nutrients, your body can begin to heal.
Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria and cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. So treatment with antibiotics destroys harmful bacteria as well as the good guys you need to keep your system healthy. This is why so many people suffer from antibiotic-associated diarrhea if they are not taking a probiotic to replenish the live bacteria in the gut. Because of that, whenever you require antibiotics, you must help your body replenish your gut microbiota. If you do nothing, it can take up to two years after antibiotic therapy for your microbiota to return to pre-antibiotic levels.
Yes. Probiotic supplements help replenish your microbiota, and several studies have linked unhealthy digestive microorganisms to obesity. When your gut microbiota is healthy, it supports your metabolic health, balancing blood sugar and lipid levels. A healthy microbiota helps decrease inflammation, and several studies have linked obesity with inflammatory conditions. Moreover, when your microbiota is healthy, it helps you have regular bowel movements, which help you get rid of excess waste.
Yes! Gut health is connected to brain health through what scientists call the 'gut-brain axis'. The intestinal microbiota plays a vital role in mood regulation and brain health. It produces substances that act as neurotransmitter precursors, ultimately regulating the level of specific neurotransmitters in your brain. Several studies have shown that probiotic supplementation can elevate moods, improve sleep, and reduce feelings of irritability and anxiety.
Yes! Humans don't have enzymes to break down all the nutrients from the food we ingest. However, the bacteria in your microbiota have complementary enzymes that help break down components your body cannot. This means that when you have a healthy and abundant microbiota, you get more nutrients from your food.
Probiotics support a robust immune system. This means your body can fight allergens more efficiently. Studies have shown that probiotic supplements help support your body's resistance and resilience to several allergies. After all, about 70% of your immune system is located in the gut, making it an essential component of healthy immunity.
Yes! As the good and bad gut bacteria live in the same environment, they compete for nutrients. When your gut is full of healthy bacteria, it is harder for harmful bacteria to get established. A probiotic formula can also help inhibit the growth of unhealthy bacteria. As beneficial bacteria help boost immune function in your intestines, they also make it easier for your body to get rid of unwanted microorganisms.

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