Magnesium Glycinate 425mg - 100% Pure. No-Laxative-Effect. Maximum Absorption, Fully Reacted & Not Buffered. Powerful Anxiety, Stress & Sleep Relief Support. Best Supplement for Headaches & Leg Cramps


Approximately 50% of population in the United States is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is an integral nutrient for the body as it is part of many cellular processes to maintain a healthy brain, heart and muscles. It is important to supplement magnesium daily because your body relies heavily on magnesium for a range of functions. It has a key role in things like:

- Synthesizing proteins

- Supporting your DNA

- Helping muscles contract and relax when they should

- Regulating blood sugar

- Maintaining blood pressure

- Controlling neurons

However, not all magnesium supplements are created equal. The problem with most magnesium supplements is that they lack bioavailability and absorption. Our superior magnesium glycinate formula is one of the most absorbable magnesium capsules you can take. With a maximum potency of 425mg, it is 100% pure, bioavailable, fully reacted and not buffered.

It helps deliver the following benefits: - Promotes restful sleep* - Helps calm the mind and supports anxiety and stress* - Provides natural support for headaches* - Optimizes recovery after workouts* - Helps with muscle cramps* - Supports joint and bone health* - Enhances cognitive function* - Balances healthy blood sugar* - Supports healthy blood pressure*