Probiotics 40 Billion CFU for Women & Men – Shelf-Stable Delayed Release 60 Capsules - Gluten-Free Immune Support Booster, Bloating Relief, Weight Loss & Gut Health Probiotic Supplement + Acidophilus


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  • BALANCE & SOOTHE DIGESTION-40 BILLION CFU & 4 ACTIVE STRAINS FOR ADVANCED GUT HEALTH: Digestive issues can throw a lot of things off track. Whether it's an occasional upset, an imbalance from antibiotic usage, or a more complex case, our product delivers 40 billion CFU. It restores beneficial bacteria to strengthen and seal your intestinal lining and help prevent the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeast. Just 2 capsules per day and you're on your way to a happy, bulletproof belly!
  • SUPERCHARGED IMMUNE SUPPORT WITH ALL-NATURAL, NON-GMO, GLUTEN-FREE INGREDIENTS: Ever find yourself wondering why your immune system seems to wimp out on you when you need it most? Would it surprise you to know that 70% of it is located right in your digestive tract? Our probiotics work to boost your body's cells within this area of your immune system. This strengthens your body's defenses, using the very best ingredients. Plus, our probiotics are great for men, women, and kids
  • FLATTER TUMMY, CURB CRAVINGS & BOOST WEIGHT LOSS WITH PREMIERE SHELF STABLE FORMULA: Do certain foods cause bloating beyond belief? Do you struggle with weight loss? Gut health plays a huge part in your metabolism. Bacterial imbalances can lead to yeast overgrowth, contributing to excessive bloating, gas, and cravings. Our shelf-stable capsules contain Lactobacillus Plantarum to help decrease the bloat, flatten your tummy, and get you back into your favorite jeans fast!
  • ULTIMATE SURVIVABILITY AND TARGETED DELIVERY USING PATENTED MAKTREK BI-PASS TECHNOLOGY: Finding an effective probiotic can be tough. For them to work, they have to survive your stomach acid. Our probiotic features a unique MAKTREK Bi-Pass technology which uses a natural marine complex from brown seaweed to form a protective capsule around the probiotics, protecting them from stomach acid. All the goodness survives intact in your small intestine where it goes to work, helping your gut heal
  • QUICKLY BOOST REGULARITY - GUARANTEED MINIMUM of 20 BILLION CFU - MADE IN THE USA: What if constipation and irregularity were a thing of the past? With over 3 million medical visits per year related to them, it is a huge problem! Probiotics are clinically proven to improve regularity and ours have a guaranteed dosage of 20 billion CFU, so you can count on its potency. As always, our probiotics are made in the USA and third-party tested for purity and safety

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