Vitamin B12 1000 mcg Supplement. Vegan Methylcobalamin Super B Complex for Immune Support, Sleep Aid, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Energy, Thyroid & Hormone Balance for Women & Men. Non-GMO & Gluten-Free


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With approximately 40% of the population deficient in vitamin B12, taking a gluten free b12 sublingual vitamin supplement is a good idea for anyone who is a vegetarian, vegan, or who is searching for a bariatric multivitamin. Along with other b complex vitamins, ours works great as a focus and energy supplement. Methylcobalamin b12 provides a mood boost, anti anxiety relief, self help, brain booster, cortisol manager, and weight loss supplement because it helps increase energy metabolism in those who are deficient. Vitamin b12 helps improve sleep as a natural sleep aid and pill, and this multivitamin for women and men amplifies stress and anxiety relief because this supplement helps boost serotonin in the brain. A must have vegan vitamin, our product provides 1000mcg of vitamin b12 and supports healthy brain and nerves in one convenient supplement. Experiencing fatigue and low energy? Instead of turning to energy pills, practice a little self care if you are deficient in b12 and supplement your diet with methyl b-12 to provide the natural energy boost your body needs. Since vitamin B12 supports every cell in the body, it serves as an immune support and booster for adults, provides pain relief, especially for those experiencing neuropathy, and may even serve as a pain reliever as well. Having trouble with focus, concentration, and memory? This supplement helps improve focus, concentration, and memory. Having trouble losing weight? With an increase in metabolism, these vitamin pills will not only help in combination with a healthy diet but will also give an increase in energy for women and men. A pregnancy must have for any vegan or vegetarian mother-to-be.

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