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Lauren McNeil
Senior Content Strategist, Writer, Yoga Teacher, MA, BEd, YTT 250

Yoga for Inner Beauty

While the beauty industry focuses on physical appearance, yoga goes beyond that by nurturing your essence and qualities like grace, kindness, and bravery. Through the practice of yoga, you can achieve both inner and external beauty. Yoga creates a sacred space for self-acceptance, forgiveness, and embracing imperfections. Scientifically proven to reduce stress, yoga allows your inner light to shine. Engage in yoga poses like Eagle Arms and Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) to enhance your inner beauty and promote strength and flexibility.



There’s no shortage of beauty tips to be found on the web these days. From contouring tricks to weight loss goals, your feed is likely full of people telling you what you need to do to look beautiful. But what about feeling beautiful? How can we harness that magnetic feeling of confidence and being comfortable with ourselves? For many, the practice of yoga does just that. Strength, grace, humility, and enlightenment can all be found within the practice of yoga, and so can your inner beauty. 

Finding Inner Beauty

What is inner beauty exactly? Inner beauty is all about who you are as a person. This true beauty has less to do with your physical body and more with your essence. I’m talking about grace, elegance, kindness, bravery, smarts, etc. All those beautiful qualities that make you, you. 

Can Yoga Really Make You More Beautiful? 

It sure can! While talking about inner beauty, yoga can help with external beauty, toning your gorgeous body and improving your skin’s elasticity.

When it comes to inner beauty, yoga (as well as meditation) has a unique way of bringing out your inner light. Somewhere between focusing on your pranayama and postures, you begin to feel a greater connection to yourself. There’s no greater ecstasy than getting to that place of acceptance and deep love for yourself. 

calming yoga pose

Yoga Practice for Inner Beauty

When you practice yoga, you enter a sacred space just for you. You begin to feel an energetic shift that humbles you as you create space to forgive yourself and all those around you. It’s also a space where you get comfortable with your imperfections. Unlike exercise classes where you’re trying to emulate the person in front of you and trying to reach the same level of exertion, in yoga, you find your way to meeting your body and spirit where it is at that very moment. It’s also scientifically proven to lower your stress, which gives you more space to shine. It’s been studied for its effective treatment of “psychological conditions for monitoring and managing stress and negative emotions, increase positive emotions, and help mental balance.”

Yoga Poses for Inner Beauty

Truly every yoga pose can help you find your inner beauty, but here are two of my favorites: 

  • Eagle Arms: You’ve probably done eagle pose where you wrap one arm under the other, and depending on your flexibility that day, interlace your hands, followed by bending at the knees and wrapping one leg under the other, and resting it behind the opposite shin. A simple and beautiful variation is to lay on your back and bring your opposite hand to the opposite shoulder, like a hug. I love beginning my yoga practice like this as a reminder that I am showing up for myself. You can also start in a seated pose, with your arms wrapped around in the hugging posture while you set your intention for your practice. 

  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation): Anyone who has practiced yoga under my guidance knows how much I love sun salutations. I love the way this practice wakes me up and brings forth my inner calmness. This series is like a meditation and dance all in one. When you find your rhythm, it’s like a dance to celebrate yourself. Not to mention that its benefits also enhance your external beauty with increased strength and flexibility. 

  • But that’s just me. Yoga is your practice, and your journey to discover how it can serve you and help you serve those around you. 

    Lauren McNeil
    Senior Content Strategist, Writer, Yoga Teacher, MA, BEd, YTT 250
    As a yoga teacher with a passion for health and writing, Lauren brings both expertise and content that comes from her heart to the NutriRise team. A firm believer of the incredible and transformative powers of yoga and meditation, Lauren hopes her content will spark positive changes, big or small, in her readers.
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