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Zaheera Swing
Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist BSc Hons Nutritional Science + NTPD

How Ashwagandha improves mood & combats stress

Have you ever noticed your mood’s tendency to shift in stressful situations?

It can be tough to remain calm when you come home after a busy day and something doesn’t go your way. Even if it’s just a tiny problem, it might trigger a massive stress response.


We’ve all been there! So, is there anything you can do to improve this?


Yes, you can! This is where Ashwagandha comes in...


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has long been used to help the body cope with stress in a healthy and resilient way for a more balanced mood, improved sleep quality, and enhanced energy throughout the day.


NutriRise has created high-quality Ashwagandha supplements containing pure root extract for the best results. Ashwagandha capsules or gummies can help restore calm and support mood, stress, anxiety, and overall well-being.



How does Ashwagandha support mood & stress relief?


It helps balance cortisol levels


Cortisol is an essential stress hormone released in response to physical and mental stressors. Your cortisol levels usually follow a definite rhythm throughout the day, peaking around mid-morning to ensure you’ve got the energy to power through the day and then slowly dropping to a low level before bed so you can get a restful sleep [1]


However, chronic stress causes continuously elevated cortisol levels, which wreak havoc on your physical and mental health, and this natural rhythm can get disrupted [2], resulting in symptoms like:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Low mood
  • Sleep disturbances


Luckily, the magic of Ashwagandha lies in its adaptogenic properties, which help to naturally support a healthy output of cortisol, making it one of the most effective herbal allies for alleviating stress and anxiety! [3]



It supports neurotransmitters


Neurotransmitters are essentially like chemical messengers within the body. They help regulate mood, focus, and feelings of well-being and calm [4]


When you’re experiencing anxiety or feeling under the weather, these neurotransmitters can be out of balance.

Research indicates that the powerful withanolides in Ashwagandha help balance the output of certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA, which could help explain Ashwagandha’s mood-supporting benefits [5].



What does the research say about Ashwagandha?


Not only do traditional medicine paradigms like Ayurvedic medicine vouch for this ancient adaptogenic herb, but modern science support many of its benefits in a variety of scientific research!


Let’s take a look:

A randomized controlled trial examined patients experiencing anxiety and split the participants into two groups - one group was treated with Ashwagandha extract and the other group with psychotherapy. 


Surprisingly, the patients treated with Ashwagandha root extract experienced less anxiety, and they also reported significant improvement in:

  • Mental health 
  • Cognitive function
  • Energy levels
  • Social functioning
  • Sleep quality
  • Vitality


The patients treated with Ashwagandha extract reported more significant clinical benefits than those treated with standard psychotherapy [6].



How to get the most out of Ashwagandha


Choosing the right Ashwagandha supplement is essential to enjoy all of the fantastic benefits it has to offer. That’s why we’ve developed the ultimate Ashwagandha formulas!


Our high potency Ashwagandha capsules contain only pure, certified organic Ashwagandha, packed with bioactive withanolides plus added Bioperine for maximized absorption.


If you’re a gummy lover, you’ll want to try our delicious cherry-flavored Ashwagandha gummies, with added Zinc and Vitamin D for overall wellness!



Note: This article is for informational purposes only and not intended for use as medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any dietary supplement.


Zaheera Swing
Nutritional Therapist & Herbalist BSc Hons Nutritional Science + NTPD
As a qualified Nutritional Therapist (BSc Hons Nutritional Science + NTPD), Zaheera Swing has a deep passion for restoring balance and harmony to the body through the modalities of nutritional science, herbalism, and holistic lifestyle practices. Using the functional medicine model coupled with wisdom from ancient paradigms, she aims to provide insight into the underlying root causes of poor health and the holistic tools we can harness to enhance the well-being of mind, body, and spirit.
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