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Why Kombucha Drinks Are the Ultimate Organic Food

Why Kombucha Drinks Are the Ultimate Organic Food

Kombucha drinks have been around for a while

Have you ever heard of kombucha drinks? Over 2000 years old, Kombucha was referred to as the “immortal health elixir” by ancient Chinese populations. It’s also been known to prevent and fight cancer, degenerative diseases, and arthritis.

Kombucha is made by combining bacteria and yeast to form a symbiotic colony. The resulting SCOBY looks like a mushroom and reproduces over and over again.

Although Kombucha is now popular around the world, it first took off in Europe, where Russian and German scientists conducted extensive research to study it. The goal of this research was to find a cure for cancer, which was quickly becoming an epidemic across the globe.

Evidence from manufacturers’ surveys and research conducted by scientists have shown that Kombucha drinks contain a large quantity of certain nutrients and acids. These nutrients and acids include antioxidants, B vitamins, and glucaric acids.

Kombucha is expensive to produce, and because of this, it’s created some controversy in the United States. But this hasn’t stopped Kombucha drinks from gaining a large following. Why are thousands of people drawn to Kombucha drinks? Because of the belief that Kombucha has health benefits at a cellular and DNA level.

It’s time to try Kombucha

Haven’t had a chance to give Kombucha drinks a try? You’re definitely missing out. Not only is there evidence that Kombucha can help prevent disease, but it’s also a powerful superfood that boosts everyday health. Hardcore fans create Kombucha drinks through the process of fermentation. And what do they end up with? An alive, organic food that energizes the mind, body, and soul. Are you interested in giving Kombucha drinks a try by making your own batch? Take this step-by-step recipe out for a spin.

If you don’t have time to make the drink yourself, don’t worry about it. You can find a variety of great Kombucha drinks at your local Whole Foods or health store. Many of these are even infused with vitamins to give this powerful drink an extra punch.

Kombucha drinks aren’t unique just because of their health benefits. What makes these drinks truly special is what they represent. Kombucha drinks are created using a natural process that results in a variety of probiotic cultures for your gut, a little bit of carbonation, and naturally derived sugar and alcohol (less than 1%). The fermentation process used to produce these drinks is inherently natural, raw, and organic, which is something both casual and organic food lovers can appreciate. Our bodies enjoy and respond well to Kombucha drinks because of the way in which they’re made. If we started making Kombucha using a synthetic process, it would no longer provide a way of nourishing our body with whole, organic food.



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