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3 Ways to Beat Chronic Back Pain and Muscle Tension

3 Ways to Beat Chronic Back Pain and Muscle Tension

Chronic back pain doesn’t kill people. But it’s one of the most common reasons why American adults visit the doctor and have to miss work. At the same time, experts don’t fully understand how to cure it. Traditionally, doctors have used prescription medication, steroid injections, and surgery to get rid of stubborn chronic back pain. However, these treatments don’t just fail to work in many cases. They can also cause harmful side effects and complications.

Because traditional strategies for treating chronic back pain are often ineffective, experts now encourage people to try alternative options. Here are 3 alternative methods for kicking chronic back pain to the curb and relieving the muscle tension that often contributes to it.

1. Massage aids

When your muscles are tight, you may be able to get by if you simply ask your partner for a quick massage. However, sometimes you end up with so much tension in your muscles that no amateur massage can do the trick. That’s when you know it’s time to reach for massage aids, such as a lacrosse ball or a massage roller.

Using a lacrosse ball to reduce chronic back pain allows you to identify precisely which muscles are tense. It also helps you learn how to sit properly so that you have enough support for your lumbar region. The advantage of using lacrosse balls is that they’re hard enough to relieve tense muscles but not so firm that they’re painful to use. You can find lacrosse balls on Amazon or at any sporting goods store.

Massage rollers are designed to relieve muscle soreness after an intense workout. But they’re also handy to keep around the house to reduce muscle tension in specific regions of your back. Because of their shape, they fit right into the lumbar region of your back. As a result, they provide support for your back when you’re seated in an uncomfortable position. Use them to correct your posture and reduce tension in a sore back.

2. Yoga and deep stretches

When your muscles remain tense, they become conditioned to always go back into the same unhealthy position. This means that to reduce muscle tension and relieve chronic back pain, you need to stop these muscles from tightening. You can loosen your muscles by doing deep stretches and practicing yoga on a regular basis. These activities help you fight tension and back pain by improving your flexibility.  


3. Meditation and self-hypnosis

Meditation and hypnosis may seem like odd strategies to try for relieving back pain. But recent research shows that chronic back pain isn’t just the result of a physical problem. Psychological and social factors contribute to it too. That’s why using strategies that help you target unhealthy thoughts and emotions can help you reduce muscle tension and find relief from back pain.

When looking for meditation and self-hypnosis tapes, be sure to find credible sources. There are many resources out there, but not all of them properly guide you through the techniques you need to find relief.


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